Thursday, 24 March 2016

To Repair with Gold

The Waltz of Amelie

And so the potter reworks the clay
to a function more suited. 

And from my weary morte malaise: I gaze
deep within my hushed and broken cynic-call
from Dove to Dove, of Crow in world of Greys. smile; as sunlight rises then,
His presence holds with firm and warming grip
eye-dent of meine identity; to stay
regardless of the road or weathered trip.

He fills the spaces,  and breathes the phrasing
tween each note,

allows for pregnant pauses
and their wisdom found in depth. 

Gently trace the edges of my being
as Gold supports with saving Grace, my wheel
of bronze chassis and rose-etched eyes

to witness of this life,  and of merit value
Because of brilliant thought in starless sky.

To His faithfulness and to His glory; All
to the power of his might; savior from fall, 
-and of my meager faith and will to right:
Caused by He who is the finisher,
who calls forth by name to polish each heav'nly light 

and gifts like brand new pair of stockings, life,
of second skin and time 'neath satin sheets
callous to gentile; so my mind be pampered,

My Soul ( Et cum spiritu tuo ) Shall

~Mraw warM~

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Doe of the Dawn (Poem) ~Mraw warM~

"Restore us oh Lord, God of Host
s,  Cause your face to shine and we shall be savedPsalm 80:19

The Doe of the Dawn & Promise of Spring

The Doe of the Dawn
and the Promise of Presence
Prances on blossoms of sweet grass in Spring
as first rays of morning and highlight dew
Rise in time with answer to Psalm 22

Feathered Friends Flock together to sing of new dawn,
Persephone rises and steps into bloom
and in full view.
~a few years later,  and faces wear lines;
as the same old young ones smile deep from inside.~


  As Stairway to Heaven is swept;
a little clearer now,   for Soul,
o magnify the Lord anew

Wipe the sleep from winters’ cat-nap …
to peer neath vernacular to the heart;
Take and love gently break to make a view

a word, a  knife,  to serve, to mend,
heal & undo  to try and try again,
beyond my weary~

~to hear my beating heart once again
as if for the first,  set free
+ x Time - /  to make use...

Orchestrate all movements
 as if with single brush stroke-
~that i might dance
...petal fresh...

of Virtue
^  to the Hope....
^ to the Faith
^ to the  Love of He is risen new

Moments lived with passion,
lived and loved and lost again
Gathered as Pearls in the morning,
and Diamonds at Starry Night

Sumi-ink all so precious
from winters’ canvas white

So to, do we pass:
by Thy Word
From : Death 

To : Life; 

~Mraw warM~ 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

( Bitter : Sweet ) The Argument : The Aroma of Love

Today is the first rainy day of the year,  
I love the rain, and its mood ~soft solitude.

Spring is fast approaching;
Today we reset our Maath-Mechanical clocks,  and I finally open up this Blog:
which may be full of inward thoughts and considerations as a BeeLifer in Jesus Christ, 
a Christian Gnostic, learning to take it easy and rest in God's Everlasting arms... 

In an effort to be very specific,  I aim to utilize as may tools as possible to illustrate what I observe of the world, as a Spirit, in the Matter of this, our life in the Flesh.   Because of the way I see things;  life as a series of equations,  in which Yeshuah, is the balancing means and answer to them all... 
our tasks,  are to believe, come to Faith,  and walk that reality.

The Argument :  The Aroma of Love -

I had a Dream...

The Accuser stood across from me with a Jester-like saw toothed grin.  He reminded me of Iago,  Gilbert Gottfried's voice scraping the ceiling,  a sound unsettling to my spirit...  
I observed many strange things about this character,  this being who was as chief minister of Music...  his favorite refrain in repetition was a high pitch shriek  - " Love Stinks!"

What a farce,  an irritating display,  and mockery of court and music,  and showmanship.. 

Then came these words with power,  to interject as every fiber of being
roused to add its voice to the unison -  "I Will Argue You "  in answer to every squawk.

Justice.    To execute to the full measure,  the physical form would have to expand to include and sychronize the wheel of reality.  I changed my stance.   Like a Bull of leaded weight..   I grew dense as a Sumo Wrestler,   I began to see red. 

But then, I felt Yeshuah's touch of reassurance, gentleness,  understanding,  strength. 
I felt his smile,  so youthful...and I by contrast felt so worn and weary..

His fingertip to my forehead. 

I softened,  sighed and sat down as He stepped from behind my shadow..
I awoke,   to a morning of soft raindrops ...

Jesus,  Yeshuah has already done it.  He's with us through it all, 
so there's no need to get ugly...  so rest assured,  its been done already.

and like a Star who's light reaches our eyes, yet may have long since faded..
so has the Usurper's Morning Star exited stage Left,  
~my inner-child remembers the ending of the movie. 

so i soften with a will to remember
"Stay easy on the eyes...  "
and my task, if i can accept it, 
is try and stay pretty before His Sight, 

Blameless...  Spotless..

(as for Substance and Surface, it's all there)

Love is as a Sweet Perfume

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (ESV)

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away.

Love is Resurrected
Love is complete and stands on its own.
Love fills the empty spaces
True Love comes from God
Appreciates over Time

11:11 < - just an image to represent the
Mirror as Water .. What is above and what is below.  What is in Heaven and what is in the earth and under the earth.  

We are Made in His Image and Likeness

The Sea :  Feeling and emotion is everything to sway a heart toward understanding.  to be guided by one's emotions is as to float or stagnate as foam on the waves. 

Reasoning and Logic keep the boat afloat.  Knowledge serves to strengthen our Faith


Swimming,  Flying
Walking or Climbing,

May our spirits walk as Blameless as possible in expressing the heart of the Matter.

+  Cross Roads +
Keepin it Moving
~Mraw warM~

No Iago, you're confused with Lust of the World
The World... Stinks of Rot and Decay...

(56) Jesus said, "Whoever has become acquainted with the world has found a corpse, and the world is not worthy of the one who has found the corpse."

Nag Hamaddi -  Gospel of Thomas
Lust Dies

Lust Devours
one- another.

Depreciates Over Time