Tuesday, 5 April 2016

We may not place a period, where God is still speaking,
And we may not condone what God counts as sin.
We may not call unclean what God has called clean;
And Love covers a multitude of Sin and Trouble;

Love shows Mercy;  towards the encouragement
of Right action before His Presence
That He may forgive us, as we forgive others.

...and i am yet so very young...
" the slow burning flame is better in the long run"

To be in His Presence is to the Ego; Undone,
To be led by His Spirit is to walk Upright
and blameless before the Sight of God ;

But the gaze of man delights
in things more helpless than himself.

Ethics and Morals are two different things:
Ethics are built of determination to endure to future suns
whereas Morals caters to a life of comfort and ease.

Short versus Long- Sightedness;
Tele to Micro to Inner Scope
from Father to Son to Daughters through Time
from the throne of He who is Holy Holy Holy

As acid rain to the mortar of ancient structures,
so are Morals - with the tide towards undertow
sink beneath the waves, the evidence
of Forefather’s perseverance, 
and with strength to Will to Righteousness.

ours is a latter and lesser generation..
amused with our selves and selfish ambitions
vying for popularity -  leveraging knowledge or beauty
inspiring to envy,  to be desirable?    all vanity...

Let’s keep our ears open to what His Spirit has to say.
as Love covers a multitude of Sins..
by way of encouragement to do what we Ought .

Remembering Mercy,  seeking Mercy, 
Evaluating heart,  by God’s law,  not one's own;
else find self drifting in the darkness of man’s understanding.

Though he may with tools, search the depths of the created realm,
Man cannot bear to uncover his own heart, without shame
He will systematically excuse his own wickedness,
and count toward Heavenly virtue, that which is Earthly Vice

to manipulate to preference, it is to be human.
to prefer All of Life's comforts,  and feign Life’s work;
It's easier to lay down than it is to get up.

How may fig leaves still remain
as dressing over a prideful heart?

Leaves, as once,  the Oracles did writ
in devotion to  God  in isolation  from Man
that She would see, on Mystic Path
of what words came from God’s lips.

7 vices sin, that keep man from his Maker
7 virtues win as he walks with God forever.

On breath of still beating heart
Ever-After-Ever Learning
thankful and humble to those God-like
and with God,

Encouraging growth in direction

Ever learning of Mercy
and Merciful Judgement

~Mraw warM~
Jesus  I trust in You
In Jesus I Trust

The Divine Mercy

My Mom has this picture,  nestled in the shade over the drivers' seat.    I look, each time my eye drawn toward it as if by compulsion, yet it was not until today that I was drawn to  research and find to figure its meaning,  and how it relates to the Life walk with Jesus Christ... 

All too often, I find myself at odds with the world.  I find myself gently prodded and lead to righteousness, yet everywhere I find the opposite "Drag" effect in my exterior vision.  The challenge for the Christian is how to walk upright and be Holy before Him,  and yet not be condemning or venomous to the blindness of the world?   and if we are to be honest and truthful,  when?  How to pick and choose our battles? 

Jesus was by far the most amiable, truthful and graceful walker in the flesh.  And this image of the Divine Mercy,  gives me a clue as to how we too can walk and perform gracefully before the eyes of God and Man.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:
The primary focus of the Divine Mercy devotion is the merciful love of God and the desire to let that love and mercy flow through one's own heart towards those in need of it.  As he dedicated the Shrine of Divine Mercy, Pope John Paul II referred to this when he said: "Apart from the mercy of God there is no other source of hope for mankind".
Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God.
— Words attributed to Jesus by Faustina in her diary.

Love covers a multitude of sins,  and our High Priest has known every temptation that has troubled man,  yet he did not give himself over to Sin.  He is therefore more than capable of helping us through our moments of difficulty... guiding us along a similar path of  "Being: A Well-Pleasing Sight"  before our Heavenly Father.

May we come to embrace the Mercy that is shown us, and may we show Mercy of like kind to all.

Being aware of his Mercy, is to be also made aware of his Judgement and those actions and intentions of the heart which He considers as being in Right or Unrighteous standing. 

God loves us however, and foregoes Judgement,  preferring to show Mercy.  Similarly He would have us show mercy rather than judgement to our Brothers and Sisters. 

Who are our brothers and sisters? those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see the truth,  and rejoice in it.   Those who seek to make their hearts clean, towards the function of "man in right-standing"  of his office: as image bearer of the Holy One,   carrying out the will of God in this realm,  for which  out of Mercy,   we are removed from the Glory and the Effects of His presence. 

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

 When we come to fully understand the extent of God's Justice, then we may begin to comprehend the extent of His Mercy and Forgiveness.  And his Mercy is overpowering a Grace that challenges every fiber of us in the World.. to maintain our stance in not being of it,  yet to be forgiving and merciful toward those who still as of yet;  are...  

and as a result, being transliterated from the book of Death,  to the book of Life among the Living.

"Lord, I know better than to follow what I see.   How may I walk with Grace, showing Mercy and revealing Truth at the same time?  Help me to be as a gentle light for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. "