Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Law of Inertia in the Theater of Life

There are two Main Roads to the Pursuit
of an Understanding and Knowledge of God

A: By studying that which is Revealed - Kataphatic
B: By uncovering that which is Hidden - Apophatic

The World is a stage of Physics and Metaphysics. In viewing a Truth of the relationships between things,  we can attempt to map our aspirations,  goals and tribulations to the same relationship patterns. 

It may not always be right
but we can exercise wisdom to make the best decisions based
on a point of understanding,  rather than impulse  or feeling.

If you can understand even the tiniest of things, 
you may have a Lens of Perspective by which
you may gain greater understanding of your situation.
Wisdom and Knowledge are as Real Estate
Acting on that Wisdom makes you wealthy and blessed.

Pride : Faith and Doubt


Faith is of the substance unobserved, and expected. ie: our level of trust exhibited in sleeping from Dusk to the next Dawn.

Analysis Paralysis :  Doubt is the shadow of the grave. It "helps" by means of resistance to absorb energy in motion to bring an object to a crawl.  in the dark of doubt everything falls under question, and very little gets done.  

Things like to keep on doing, what they're already doing. if it is at rest, it wants to stay at rest. If it is moving it wants to keep on moving.

They who are asleep don't wish to be awakened
They who are awake  don't wish to go to sleep.

There is a lot of Wisdom in the World
The Wise seek Knowledge to add to their Understanding.
For the wisdom of this world is folly with God. For it is written,
“He catches the wise in their craftiness,”
I Corinthians 3:19
(^__^)  Giving Credit where Credit is Due
(^__^) The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom

The Weak Made Strong

The Humble Dignify Humanity

It is oftentimes the Weak who show Strength in Love. 
To see that the Emperor has no clothes is a Truth, 
- It is the Christian who offers of his shirt.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Heifers have Horns : Milk Chocolate

Highland Heifer in Winter

Psalm 40-  Praising Him 

Sometimes the hardest thing for us to do is to actively turn our attention from the ground,  and lift our heads to the Son - to praise him for all He does for us. 

It takes a willingness and a conscious effort to lift our heads from our circumstances.  This recurring theme throughout the Bible presents the crux of the situation: How to live Life and give acknowledgement to: He who is faithful to craft every sunrise, He who gifts us every day.

This is the Walk of the Spirit Man
An Olympian Year for the Man in the Mirror 


Because it is Difficult for us to offer praises in our natural fleshy mind states,
this is precisely why we need to exercise that muscle of Faith 
Let's keep an Eye on the Son and lift our heads to regard His beautiful Horizon.

All Cows Eat Grass:
Bass Clef Design

Grazing Cows Face Either North or South

Scientific American :  Cows in Direction


It is far too easy for us to focus on the dark of our circumstances,  the miry clay of our woes and troubles,  the grit of our obligations
and take pride in our yolks of burden..

Yet to lift head to regard the Son, to keep the Sun at Left and Right hand is to orient ones self and move in Direction. That's where the Praises to God come in,  and this is precisely what pisses people off.   (^___^)

Jewish Study Bible
To migrate with the herd is to live a life according to the Spirit.  You do what's obviously Right and Just.   Rejecting what is Evil. 
Chewing the Cud over that which is Good 
7x7 and Producing Praises to God. 

This is the Sacrifice that He Desires
By our sacrifices of Praise we allow Him to reign over our circumstances, and He acts on behalf of those who wait for Him.

Galaxy Bars are of the Silkiest Chocolates
I have ever tasted.

🍀Spiritual Clovering🍀 


The Temptation to Pun-der it out is strong
Keep your NeedELs stroked according to magnetic Nord to live a life of sweetness, 
to produce a milk that is nourishing to the soul.
Compass-Eye-On the Sun keeps you in
The Milky Way.  Following Him.

(Hathor, Nut, House of the Lord,
House of the Risen Son ) don't get scared,
all things find their meaning in Jesus

Chocolate Milk : Both Bitter and Sweet

🚲  The Official beverage of the Tour de France  🚲 
Just the right balance = pleasurable sensation

Olympian Year : of the Spirit Man in the Mirror (^___^) 

This Heifer knows what she is ... and to whom she belongs.
Blessed are the cattle who are beloved of the Lord,  
And blessed are those moments when we can and do
praise Him from whom all blessings come .