Saturday, 25 March 2017

🦄Trump Card Unicorn 🦄

I am fully convinced that the reason there is so much confusion and contradiction in the world is to get us to recognize the erroneous wayward nature within man; that we may grow fed up and finally seek out Gods direction by the Light of his unfailing steadfast patient love underneath and over it all...
Then begins the journey


Trump Card Unicorn


Perspective: A balanced hatchet

Happy Spring! Huzzah Hooray! 
Thunder and lightening marks the way
to tender leaf's belief!
Hear the songbirds of the day,
sing sweetly their refrain

Listen in with pregnant pause
Persephone takes stage
At His command, directing all to silence

Soft as the breeze arises to the chiming chorus
of Spring and promises fulfilled!
From: life  To: Life Eternal

Our sense of humor is relative to our faith and stability in Him.