Sunday, 18 June 2017

Father's Day - A Song of the Father

All that is wonderful, Holy and good
All that is righteous and steadfast of love, 
How might we catch glimpses of forever,
except we're bestowed it through the Wisdom of our Fathers? 

They are our strongest examples of Faith and proof of Our Father who is in heaven. 
Who takes care of the birds, and knows every hair on our heads. 
Who knows us fully without a single word exchanged.
Who loves us unconditionally,  that we may turn to Him. 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Love Song - Of Greater Value

Feel the breeze and listen;
trees rustle their silver dollars in the wind-
as the soft of my soul,  beneath a fragile pride
sings to remember,  to appreciate and to praise.

I’ve all the songs in the world to satisfy,
and yet none reach so deep
as one gifted from the heart

Where upon that canvas, is a story and drawbridge
to meet the earnest touch of who you are. 

Soft pause for a pure desire,
of sunshine, country roads and June bugs
of homemade lemonade on the porch
...with you