Monday, 14 August 2017

Heaven Bound

How marvelous the vantage point!
 -by Reason's logic, detailed study.
How sure the footing then, of Faith!
How glorious the Dawn!

As Light upon the sleeping eye,
-at first painful, then illuminates,
new spectrums spread out harmonies,
vibrant, violent, upwards still, 
Soon fly into the Son!

Seek and Find a Stone of Truth 
and live to stand upon it.

Holy is the Ladder,
Mighty is the Mountain,

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Wandering Stars, Waterless Clouds

Those kinds of Reds

Swaths of cloud-work padded the sky, 
Gold ribbon trimmed my view.
The promise of rain filled me up to the brim,
heightening my hope, for a moment of truth.

How heavy and dark, how vast the expanse, 
such dense vapors threaten the sky turn to ash!
Burnt sienna, cadmium,  blood barrier hue.
Gravity shifted,  Red silenced the Blue.

Wide eyes gaped and grasped to absorb
as rods and cones tremored to dim..  
Wisps of nothing lift lakes overhead!
Severe and slow, Grace, glides into view.

Heavy are the clouds that "Hear and Do"
The will of He who sends the Rain.

Waterless clouds,  and Wandering stars
Lack severity and substance, fade out from view,
live for the shallows and flatter the eyes.
Their numbers are many, but rain clouds are few.

Preferable are the dense, the somber and thick.
These sincere earnest cloud-folk make you think.
Bend light and shadow to strengthen your view.
Effect matter in passing, 

These, grow your food.

Jude 1:10+

Monday, 7 August 2017

Dirty Words : Political Islam and Abusive Patterns

I really can't express how grateful I am, for the fruit of Dr. Bill Warner's Fact-Based Reasoning.

"Unlike the majority of other religions, Muslims are not encouraged to read the Sirah or the Koran. The one they listen to is the Imam. So the best thing to do in order to draw awareness to the doctrine of Political Islam, is to quote the text."   Dr. Bill Warner Q&A

According to the Statistics:  60% of Muslims worldwide are Illiterate
Very few members of the Ottoman Empire could read or write.


Dr. Warner  courteously takes us through a systemic tour of the upheaval of Western Civilization at the birth of Political: Islam,  and describes the tenor of The Dark Ages which follows the strategic war (Jihad) against the economy of the ancient world.

His Fact-based reasoning is refreshing, and he continuously makes providence to maintain a solid foundation from which you can see Truth and its effect, in our world.    His peaceful tone provides  a ray of light for those lost in a sea of emotional confusion. 

Towards the end of the lecture, Dr. Warner makes the insightful observation that much of the Western World (Following 1400 years of Jihad)  now handles the subject of Political: Islam as a battered wife or abused child would,  their abuser.    

Mother of a Nation

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum....”  - Noam Chomsky

Mother, daughter come under acid attack over marriage dispute.
Manipulated emotions get around one's ability to Reason.

In light of Dr. Bill Warner's lecture "Why are we afraid?",  he suggests, that after 1400 years of Jihad, our culture and society behave as a feminized unit with a sociology-personality profile of a battered wife.  

The children of a nation are born to the mothers,  who unwittingly pass the pattern of abuse onto their children. When this happens, the people of a nation, react with strong aversion to any narrative that pops the bubble of a "safe and happy" existence.  If this is true,  "Approved or Acceptable" media only serves to keep us in the dark,  furthering the cycle of fear.  

Under a banner of "Political Correctness " word loose their meaning altogether. By degrees we shift our language to appease the "increasingly offended".  According to this Counseling manual for Domestic Abuse,  such behavior is a part of the Avoidance pattern - "Walking on Eggshells". Eventually frustration is turned either inward, or manifests in some other less significant subject.   Some abused persons may align with the abuser,  romanticizing and normalizing the pattern,  believing they somehow deserve the treatment they receive, as with Stockholm Syndrome.

"When someone experiences or lives with domestic violence there are also five main mental phases that they go through in coping with the abuse. It is necessary to move through these phases in order to try to leave a domestic violence situation. These stages are:

1. Shock/Denial
2. Bargaining: Tries to talk to or reason with the abuser
3. Anger
4. Depression (and realization): Rage is turned inwards, in extreme cases
it can result in suicide
5. Acceptance: This is the stage where the abused is able to take action (usually in the tension or explosion stage of the violence cycle).

It may take weeks, months, or years to reach the final stage. It may never be reached. In order to reach this stage it is sometimes necessary to hit rock bottom, to reach the point where you have to move somewhere and the only place is up.

It is extremely important to note that the victim must be the one to move herself through these phases".

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Intensity and Distance - Magnificat

The question everyone needs to be concerned with is:
"Am I in Him, is He in me?  Is my life lived in union with His Holy Spirit?"
This is the life we've been bought -into- folks!

As the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the deep in Genesis 1,
So I went to bed and awoke with the same sense of His anointing.
I found myself in the kitchen, making a little breakfast, when a question popped in my head,  There are often so many,  but I'll share a bit of the Spiritual inner dialogue here.

But first:  The Law of Squares
All you who are mathematically minded may find this wonderful,  but this Law of Physics illustrates the pattern of intensity is inversely proportional to the distance from the Source of Light. 
John the Baptist, as Jesus said, was a Burning and Shining Lamp . . .

"My soul doth Magnify the Lord"
Mary's Magnificat

Q - "Why did God give us a Body?"

-That we might do what is good and pleasing in His sight. 

Q - "So what is pleasing to Him? "

People war over this-
The two whirlpools of thought and action are diametrically opposed. 
Either a Man exists to himself or he exists to God.  

Each of us carries a spirit, who bears witness. 
That the Father we follow is either True or False.
Does God delight in Light or Darkness ?  
Does He delight in Peace or War?
Does He delight to show Mercy or Wrath?  
...and which do you employ?

You make yourself in the pattern of your Father.
You delight in and follow the one you Listen to
All bear fruit in actions.
To do Good in the sight of both Man and God is a blessing,
but how fleeting are his passions!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Propaganda : Keeping the Blinders On

Many are storm tossed and driven by the emotional waves,  adrift on a sea of media. 
It takes an objective perspective to see things clearly, and an inner strength to navigate the storm.


 ...and you can't really blame the masses for their blindness,

Bombarded by trigger words in artful speeches, tailored to snatch the attention, engage the emotions and lead them down a hall of predetermined associations, and heightened sensations as we cheer the gladiator matches in Debate and Wrestling in the AM and PM, respectively. the designers are all so good at what they do.