Tuesday, 15 May 2018

20/20 Vision

When I loose sight from time to time,  He is always right on target.
Perhaps a closer walk with God,
is to continually return to His hand throughout the day.  If possible, to never leave it.   Ours is a life of Worship.

I have been contemplating  "The Glory of God", thanks to R.C Sproul.  The Hebrews and Greeks use the same word to describe His Presence - K'vd - as having "Great Weight" and/or "Heaviness".  To worship Him is to draw near,  and He draws us into the presence of the heavenly chorus, that we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth before the presence of God.  And He, The Most High God,  is not one to be taken lightly. 

Flash forward to today- there I was, waiting patiently for my mom's release from cataract surgery.  I decided to take in A.W Tozer's The Knowledge of the Holy  for company.  He entitled this chapter "God Incomprehensible".  In it, Tozer illustrates a simple truth of our Human Perception and reasoning in the way to approach our mental image of  The Living God.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Matza Life :: Internal Qualities

So, I'm having a bit of Matza for lunch, and The Lord granted it to me to realize something marvelous - Creation serves as a Teaching Aid for those who are Children of God.  He made it all for a purpose, and He grows us up to Himself.

We all know that only Unleavened Bread of finest four is acceptable, Holy unto the Lord.  As The Lord appeared to His Servants through out the Old Testament, they knew and prepared Unleavened bread to set before Him,  and it was "Good".

Unleavened Bread, if you've ever tasted it, is so unlike most of what we approve as a collective species. It does not provoke the palette with bright or brash flavor,  it does not entice by pillowy texture,  but invites the senses to perceive different patterns.   To savor its simplicity, is to become aware of a wholly different set of qualities, which sets it apart from man's preferences.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Dogs' Noses "I don't Sin"

"I don't Sin"
Every once in a while, I come across an interesting comment.  This one certainly gave me reason to pause.

I have been through some sticky situations, in which I had to rely on He who is greater than myself. But one of the most important lessons on Man's inferiority, and God's Superiority was taught to me by the family dog.

There I was, in a deep depression, cooking dinner over a tiny stove.  My ExBF said something off the cuff, and as was my habit, I let it go.   It was then, when Bowie took a guarding stance and growled at the man.  Now, I might ignore a lot of things,  but I would not ignore my dog. 

When a man says "I don't sin" You can bet there's a whole closet full of dead men's bones in that sarcophagus.  So here was my reply: