Thursday, 10 May 2018

Matza Life :: Internal Qualities

So, I'm having a bit of Matza for lunch, and The Lord granted it to me to realize something marvelous - Creation serves as a Teaching Aid for those who are Children of God.  He made it all for a purpose, and He grows us up to Himself.

We all know that only Unleavened Bread of finest four is acceptable, Holy unto the Lord.  As The Lord appeared to His Servants through out the Old Testament, they knew and prepared Unleavened bread to set before Him,  and it was "Good".

Unleavened Bread, if you've ever tasted it, is so unlike most of what we approve as a collective species. It does not provoke the palette with bright or brash flavor,  it does not entice by pillowy texture,  but invites the senses to perceive different patterns.   To savor its simplicity, is to become aware of a wholly different set of qualities, which sets it apart from man's preferences.

Unleavened Bread, as a symbol and a sign, points in a different direction. A signpost for internal qualities it invites the diner to introspection, where True Growth is found.  Its flavor lingers and the texture satisfies,  and isn't that wonderful that God would grant us such a gift, revealing the nature of Himself and those things that He finds pleasurable? 

Brothers and Sisters,  God dwells on the inside of us,  He leads our hearts; each one of us individually.  To dine on Unleavened Bread is a gift, a reminder, a symbol of our relationship with Him.  In Him we have our being, and with Him we grow in Strength to overcome The World.

So too, is the life of the Christian revealed.  Our inner life, Communion with Him, is of far greater importance than the outer life.  It should be that our outer lives are a manifestation of the inner. 

So, as I'm eating a bit of Matza,  and writing this little post.   Remember, 
God leads our hearts,  that we may hear Him better. Examine yourself, be honest with yourself,  and grow to pursue Righteousness as He leads our Hearts from Faith to Faith

Walk before His face
Listen to His Spirit
Live to His delight.

May Yeshuah Bless you!!

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